Ќаписать письмо
Vladimir TARNOPOLSKI, composer

2016 Scattered Words
for soprano and piano
on a poem by Boris Pasternak
FP: 9 July 2016, Kissinger LiederWerkstatt, Rossini-Saal, Ѕад- иссинген, √ермани€
Caroline Melzer, soprano; Axel Bauni, piano.

2015 Fanfare for a Festival
for trumpet and horn
FP: 13 October 2016, Moscow Forum festival
Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Rakhmaninov Hall
soloists of the Studio for New Music ensemble

  Study of a girl reading Pavese
for soprano and ensemble
FP: 7 October 2015, La Biennale di Venezia,
Ca' Giustinian – Sala delle Colonne
Studio for New Music ensemble, Ekaterina Kichigina (soprano), Igor Dronov (conductor)
Text: Cesare Pavese
Orch: Ц perc (2) Ц sopr Ц pno -

  Tabula Russia
for orchestra
FP: 11 September 2015, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival, The Netherlands
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
conductor — Valery Gergiev
Orch: Ц Ц 6 perc., pno, harp Ц 16. 14.12. 10. 8
CD Recording

2013 Redshift
for large orchestra and electronic
FP: 01.December 2013, Auditorium Rainier III,
Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Orchestre Philharmonique De Monte-Carlo
Dima Slobodenioukб conductor
Alexis Baskind, realisateur informatique musicale
Auditorium Rainier III, Monaco
Orch: 2Picc (2.=fl.)3.Fl (3.=picc.), 4., 4., 2Bcl.(2=Cb.cl), 4.(4.=C-bsn) - - 6Perc. - 2 MIDI keyboards, Harp - 16. 14. 12. 10. 8
COMMENTS (English)

2010 Last and Lost
for chamber ensemble
FP: 27.August 2011, Ferenz Liszt festival,
Weimarhalle – Großer Saal, Weimar
Klangforum Wien, Sylvain Cambreling, cond.
Ens: A.fl., B.cl., Perc., Pno, Harp, Vn, Vla, Cello
MP3: listen to audio recording

2008 Eastanbul
for large ensemble
FP: 11 October 2008, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Ensemble Modern, cond. Alejo Perez<
Ens: Ц – 2Perc.- 2Pf(2 also Synth) Ц
COMMENTS (English)
Kommentar (Deutsch)
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2007 Boxing Pushkin
a scene within a collective opera
Scenario and choreography: Andrea Boll
Music: Vladimir Tarnopolski, Olga Bochikhina, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Nikolay Khrust, Aleksey Sioumak
FP: 13-19 May 2007, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Nejmigen, Amsterdam, Hague
Voices: 2Sopr, MSopr, Bar, Bas
Ens: – 2Sax Ц ElGuir.BGuit- 3Perc.- Pf.Synth.Bayan Ц

≈ 70`
2006 Jenseits der Schatten
(Beyond the Shadow)

a multimedia opera

Scenario: Vladimir Tarnopolski after "Cave Allegory" by Plato and "Origin of Painting from a Shadow" by Pliny

Texts: Dante, Leonardo, Nietzsche. The compilation and additional fragments by Ralph Günther Mohnnau

Costumes and Stage design: Babis Panagiotidis
Video design and Technology: Frieder Weiss

FP: 20 September 2006, Beethovenfest, Kunst- und Ausstellunghalle. Opera Bonn, Palindrome Dance Company, MusikFabrik ensemble, cond. Wolfgang Lischke. Staging — Robert Wechsler.

Voices: 2Sopr,MSopr, Ten, Bar, Bas.
Ens 1 (right): Ц 2Perc.- Pf(=Synth.) Ц
Ens 2 (left): – Sax Ц 1Perc.- Hp Ц

PRESS REVIEWS (German, Russian)
PICTURES from the Premiere

≈ 65`
2004 Foucault's Pendulum
for orchestra
FP: 11 но€бр€ 2004, Concertgebouw, Main Hall, Amsterdam, Schönberg Ensemble, дирижер – Reinbert de Leeuw
ќркестр: 2.1.1.BCl.Sax.1 Ц Ц 2Perc Ц Pno,Hp,Cymb,Guit Ц Bayan,Acc Ц
ANALYSIS (articles by V.Kholopova and H.Oberrauter)
MP3: listen to audio recording

2003 Feux follets
for orchestra
FP: 8 December 2003, Cité de la Musique, Paris, Ensemble Intercontemporain, conductor Vladimir Jurowski
Ens: 3.2.2.Bcl.2.Ц Ц3Perc., Pn, Hp Ц Strings

2003 A True Story About Cinderella
A Musical Fairy Tale for Adults Accompanied by Children. For children's choir, children's orchestra,6 narrators and professional ensemble
Text: Roald Dahl's "Revolting Rhymes" adapted by Donald Sturrock
FP: 28 April 2003, Barbican hall, London, Centre for Young Musicians orchestra and London Schools Symphony orchestra, conductor Peter Ash
Childern's orch.: flexiband (any wind instruments; 4 parts), 5 percussions as soloists and percussion ensemble, harp, piano solo, string group
Children's choir
6 Narrators
Ens.: 1.1.1.BCl.1. Ц Ц 2Perc Ц Hp Ц
PRESS REVIEWS (English. Russian)
PICTURES from the Premiere

2001 Chevengur
for voice and ensemble
Text: Andrey Platonov
FP: 4 September 2001, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Studio for New Music, soprano Svetlana Savenko, conductor Igor Dronov
Ens: 1(=BFl).0.1.BCl.0. Ц Ц Perc Ц Bayan Ц Tape Ц M-Sopr Ц
AUDIO (mp3)

1999 Wenn die Zeit über die Ufer tritt
(When Time Overflows its Margins)

opera in three scenes
Text: Ralph Günther Mohnnau after Anton Chekhov
FP: 27 April 1999, Münchener Biennale, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, cond. Ekkehard Klemm
Voices: 2Sopr,MSopr, CTen, Ten, Bar, Bas.
Orch: 2(I=Picc,II=Picc,=AFl).1.1.BCl.1 Ц ASax, BarSax Ц 3Perc.- Pf(=Synth.)Hf Ц Guit.EGuit.BGuit ЦSoli:Vn.Vl.Vc Ц
Pictures and Comments (English)
Foto und Kommentar (German)
PRESS REVIEWS (German, Russian)

MP3: 2 fragments (from scene II)

≈ 90`
1998 Ins Theater
Dance-, Word-, Light-, Music-Play
Text: Ernst Jandl
FP: 15 June 1998, International Theaterschool Festival, Amsterdam, Orchestra de Ereprijs
3 voice-groups: children, women, men
Orch: 1(=picc).0.0.BCl.0. Ч ASax, BarSax. Ц Ч 1(2)Perc Ц 3 TapesЦ Pf (=Synth)Ц EGuit, BGuit

1996 …Le vent des mots qu'il n'a pas dits
(…The Wind of Unspoken Words)
for cello and orchestra
Orch: 3(II, III=Picc).3.3(III=Picc).BCl. 3. Ц Ц 2Perc Ц Hp Ц

Premiere — 1996, Polish Radio Concert Studio. Julius Berger, cello (Germany), Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra, conductor Wojciech Michniewski.

Russian premiere — 21 November 2006, Moscow Conservatoire Grand Hall, Concert-closing of The 7th festival "Dedicated to Oleg Kagan". Performed by Natalia Gutman, cello, and Novaya Rossiya State Orchestra, conductor Yury Bashmet.

1995 Landschaft nach der Schlacht nach Lectüre der Duineser Elegien von Reiner Maria Rilke
(Landscape after the Battle)
for large ensemble, baritone solo and bass choir (ad lib)
FP: 6 May 1995, Frankfurt, Ensemble Modern, bas Nicolas Isherwood, cond. Friedrich Goldmann
Ens: 1(=AFl).1(=EHrn).1(=Picc).BCl.(=CbCl).1. Ц Ц 2Perc ЦHp, Pf Ц Tape Ц Edition: C.F.Peters
COMMENTS (deutsch)

Szenen aus dem wirklichen Leben (Scenes from the Real Life) for soprano, flute, French horn and piano
Text: Ernst Jandl
I. My Own Song. II. Inhalt. III. Chanson. IV. Ins Theater
FP: 8 September 1995, Berliner Festwochen, Ensemble Modern, soprano Susan Narucki
1994 The Breath of the Exhausted Time
FP: 9 May 1994, Gasteig, München, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunk, cond. Alexander Lazarev
4(II, III=Picc, IV=alto).3(III=EHrn).3.2BCl.3(III=CBsn). Ц Ц 6Perc Ц Hp, 2 Synth(II=Pf) Ц 2 EGuit Ц Edition: C.F.Peters
MP3: listen to audio recording

1993 Ah, ces russes… ou l'Elexir Magic
Text: Irina Maslennikova
FP: 27-28 May 1993, Rencontres Musicales d'Evian, Ensemble Studio for New Music, cond. Mstislav Rostropovich
Voices: 3 Sopr, 3 MSopr, 1 CAlt, 3 Ten, 3 Bar, 1 Bass
Orch.I: 1(=Picc).1(=ASax).1(=Picc,=SSax).BCl(=ASax).Bsn(=CBsn). Ц Ц 2Perc Ц Pf(=Cemb,=Cel) Ч
Orch.II (strings):

Welt voll Irrsinn (World Full of Madness)
for large ensemble
Texts: Kurt Schwitters
I. Welt voll Irrsinn. II. Zwölf. III. Banalitäten aus dem Chinesischen.
FP: 12 июн€ 1993, јмстердам, оркестр &laque;de Ereprijs&raque;
Ens: 1(=Picc).0.1(=BCl).0. Ч ASax,BarSax(=SSax) Ц Ч 1Perc Ц Tape Ц Pf (=Synth)Ц EGuit, BGuit »здательство: C.F.Peters
MP3: listen to audio recording

1992 O, PÄRT – OP ART Triad installation for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano
FP: 8 December 1992, Tchaikovsky Consert Hall, Moscow-Modern Festival Edition: C.F.Peters

for soprano, 2 clarinets (II=BCl), viola, cello and double-bass
Text: Edmund Spenser
FP: 17 August 1992, Dartington, UK, Composers Ensemble, soprano Mary Wiegold

1991 Cassandra
for large ensemble
FP: 8 September 1991, Alte Oper, Frankfurt-Feste, Ensemble Modern, cond. Ingo Metzmacher
Ens: 1.1.2(II=BCl).1(=CBsn). Ц Ц 2Perc Ц Pf, Synth, Hp Ц Edition: C.F.Peters
CD: MEGADISC MDC 7838, Klangfarben Boswil 14
MP3: listen to audio recording

1990 Per archi
in memory of Luigi Nono for percussion quartet
FP: 12 April 1991, Tchaikovsky Consert Hall, Moscow, Pekarsky Ensemble

1989 Eindruck-Ausdruck. Hommage a Kandinsky

1st version: for piano solo
FP: 18 но€бр€ 1989, Aktive Musik Festival, Dortmund, Tatjana Porwoll

2nd version: for piano and large ensemble (1992)
Ens: 1.1.2(II=BCl).1. Ц Ц 2Perc Ц Hp, Pf solo Ц
FP: 19 February 1993, Radio France, Paris, Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music, piano — Vladimir Yampolsky

3rd version: for piano, flute, clarinet and string trio (1996)
FP: 2 October 1996, Gesteig, München, piano Siegfried Mauser
COMMENTS (English)
MP3: listen to audio recording

Troïsti muziki
Piano trio with singing
Hymn to the Christian Povetry by Grigoriy Skovoroda FP: 11 October 1989, Alternativa Festival, Moscow

Upon Reading Mussorgsky's Draft Notebooks
Theatre music for chorus, soloists, narrator and chamber orchestra
FP: 19 April 1989, Pokrovsky Chamber Music Theater, Moscow, cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Voices: M-Sopr, Bar
Orch: Ц Ц 2 Perc Ц Strings

Echoes of the Passing Day
Trio for clarinet, cello and piano
FP: 26 November 1990, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Chameleon Ensemble
MP3: listen to audio recording

1988 Brooklyn Bridge, or My Discovery of America
Cantata for soprano, tenor and orchestra (or large ensemble)
Text: Vladimir Mayakovsky
I. Brooklyn Bridge. II. Prohibition. III. The Horns instead of Bells. IV. American Russians

1st version (for orchestra):
Orch: 1.1.1.BCl.1. Ц SSax, 2ASax Ц Ц 3Perc Ц Hp, Pf, Balalayka (ad lib.), Bayan Ц Sopr, Ten Ц Strings
FP: 10 November 1989, San Diego Symphony Orchestra, cond. Vassily Sinaisky

2nd version (for large ensemble):
Ens: 1.1(=ASax).1(=SSax).BCl(=ASax).1. Ц lib.). Ц 2 Perc Ц Hp, Pf, Balalayka (ad lib.), Bayan Ц Sopr, Ten Ц
FP: 4 June 1989, Almeida Festival Music, London, Ensemble of soloists of Bolshoy, cond. Alexander Lazarev


1987 Choralvorspiel “Jesu, deine tiefen Wunden”
(Choral Prelude “Jesus, Your Deep Wounds”)

for string trio, percussions and ensemble
FP: 18 April 1987, Bolshoy Theatre, Moscow, Ensemble of soloists of Bolshoy, cond. Alexander Lazarev
Ens: Ч Ч 3Perc Ц
Disposition of instruments

Three Graces
Opera-parody in three scenes
Text: Carl Maria von Weber
FP: 30 April 1988, Bolshoy Hall of Schostakovich Philarmony, Leningrad, Orchestra and Choir of Culture Ministry USSR, cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Voices: Sopr, MSopr, Ten, Bar, Bass, Narr
Orch: 1(=Picc).1.1(=Picc).1(=CBsn). Ц 4(or 2).0.0.0. Ц 1(or2)Perc Ц Cemb, Hp Ц Edition: C.F.Peters

1986 Psalmus poenitentialis
Concerto for choir, violin solo, organ and percussion
Text: Ps.31
FP: 6 ма€ 1990, Schola Cantorum of Oxford, London

1984 Wahnfried
for violin solo, piano, 6 Wagner's Tubas (or 5 trombones and tuba), 5 flutes traverse (or flutes and clarinets), choir invisible (or tape)
Text: Richard Wagner
FP:4 May 1991, Bolshoy Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, Orchestra and Choir of Culture Ministry USSR, cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky

1983 Music in Memory of Dmitry Shostakovich
Collage for narrator and chamber orchestra
Texts: Anna Akhmatova, Michael Matussovsky, Alexander Mezhirov, James Patterson
FP: 12 January 1985, Bolshoy Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, Orchestra of Culture Ministry USSR, cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Orch: 1(=Picc,=AFl).1(=EHrn).2(I=Picc,II=BCl).1(=CBsn). Ц Ц 3Perc Ч Pf(=Cel) Ц Tape Ц Narrator Ц12.

1982 Symphony
FP: 26 November 1983, Bolshoy Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, cond. Igor Chalyshev
Orch: 3(II=Picc).3.3(II=Picc,III=BCl).3(III=CBsn). Ч Ч 3Perc Ч Pf, Hp Ч

1980 Cello Concerto
FP: 21 December 1982, Bolshoy Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow; Sergey Sudzilovsky, cello; cond. Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Orch: 3(II=Picc).2.CorA.3(III=BCl).3(III=DBn) Ц Ц 2Perc Ч Pft(Cel), Hp Ч Vlc solo.Ц Edition: Sovetsky Kompositor

1978 Symphonic Prologue
for orchestra
FP: 26 November 1978, Bolshoy Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, cond. Vladimir Kozhukhar
Orch: 3(II=Picc).3.3(II=Picc, III=BCl).3(III=CBsn). Ч Ч 3Perc Ч Pf, Hp Ч

1977 String trio
FP: 7 June 1978, Small Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow

1976 Italian songs
for soprano and piano
Text: Alexander Block

for harp, cello and double-bass

1975 Quintet
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn

1974 Hommage a Joan Miro
for harp solo

for piano solo

1973 Carpathians variations
1st version: for piano solo
2nd version: for school chamber ensemble ( - - Hp - Strings)

The Pipe is Sounded
for soprano, flute, alto and harp
Text: Alexander Block

1972     Partita
1st version: for piano
2nd version: for organ